Rates & FAQ

What are your rates?

Our standard rate is $38.00 per phone hour for telemarketing services.

A phone hour consists of a representative at a computer workstation making, completing and documenting calls on your behalf. Training, management, reporting, fulfillment, and long distance phone charges are normally included at no extra charge. Typically a representative will complete approximately 15-20 "dials" per hour on a given project, but this number can vary significantly, depending on the quality of the list, and the length of the call. Representatives typically work less than 20 hours per week on a single project.

Fee includes all telephone and long distance charges for the US and Canada. For international projects there is a small additional charge for foreign phone charges.

Management, set-up, reports, and database updates provided at no additional charge, if total billable time for project exceeds 50 hours.


What do you need to get started on a campaign?


Getting started is easier than you think! All we need is a prospect data file and a call guide.

For data files, an Excel file with full name, address, email, and phone number is preferred.

For the call guide, you can send us your existing script, or we can develop one for you.

In less than a week, we'll be on the phones, speaking to your prospects, taking registrations and gathering data.

How many weeks before the event should the calls begin?


Every event is different, but for events involving air travel and hotel stays we recommend beginning calls 6 to 8 weeks out. If you offer early bird pricing for conference registration, beginning calls two weeks before the expiration is good general strategy.

For local seminars, breakfast meetings and other one day events anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks out is recommended.


What type of lists do you recommend?


The more targeted the list, the better. Previous attendee lists, in-house sales prospect lists, and trade association lists are often the most productive.

Rented lists from the larger providers tend to be a bit more of a gamble. You might consider trying a small run and test the waters before committing to a large scale campaign from a rented list.


Will you work on commission?


Generally we work on a standard fee for services basis. However, for established clients we are willing to substitute some percentage of the fee for commissions based on performance. This is normally implemented after a minimum thirty day trial period, where both IMS and the client are able to get a feel for expected results.


What if I decide to cancel?


You can cancel a project at any time and will receive a full refund of any unused hours.


Do you process registrations?


Yes, we can take credit card payment information and process registrations, typically via your own online registration system.

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